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Transmission Repair & Car Repair Shop Near Me

Are you in need of an on-time transmission repair near the Jacksonville, AL vicinity? Did you know that you can reach out to skilled mechanics from nearby? Pay us a visit at Anniston Tires #1, where we will pay close attention to your automotive needs. We serve Jacksonville, Oxford, Anniston and all other nearby areas in Alabama. In order for you to avoid major downtime with the performance of your vehicle, you will need to rely on the services of the best mechanics. Your vehicle can be in flawless condition all year round as long as you’re hiring the best of the best. When your vehicle has an unexpected breakdown, you will not have to bother doing the repairs yourself. In addition to getting a transmission repair, you may also receive a free diagnostic repair and get a complete service.


Always listen to the advice of your car mechanic. By following their advice, you will have a greater advantage of minimizing your car issues.

Did you just type the keyword phrase ‘car repair shop near me’?  If you typed the phrase ‘car repair shop near me’ on a search engine, then we’re pleased to serve you at Anniston Tires #1. Every time your car has a malfunction, you can simply contact our mechanics to have your vehicle serviced right on time. Our certified mechanics will give you a respectful service every time. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees when you stop by our auto repair shop. In fact, you will find that by using our auto repair shop, you have the chance to save on a variety of services. 

Whether you live in Jacksonville, Oxford or you are from another nearby community, get the quality approach that fits your needs at Anniston Tires #1. Visit our site at

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