Mechanic Near Me & Oil Change

Did you just type the keyword phrase ‘mechanic near me’ and are searching for a courteous professional near the Oxford, AL vicinity? If you entered the phrase ‘mechanic near me’, then you’ve come to the right place. At Anniston Tires #1, our duty is to listen to the auto needs of our customers and deliver an exceptional service. We serve Oxford, Anniston, Heflin and all other nearby areas in the state of Alabama. Any time your car begins to act crazy, you have the peace of mind that a local mechanic will have it serviced right away. A qualified car mechanic has perfect knowledge of the issues that affect a vehicle. Vehicle repair and maintenance are important expenses that you will always need to keep in mind. Depending on the issue affecting your vehicle, you can expect a mechanic to give you a caring and respectful service that you deserve. 

Are you in a hurry and need an oil change that will not take a long time to perform? The best way to keep your vehicle in excellent working condition is to make regular visits to a local mechanic that is dedicated to giving you an excellent service that is worth your time and money. Any problem that you have with your car will be fixed. At Anniston Tires #1, our mission is to deliver a speedy oil change. Our friendly and highly trained team of mechanics will help you to save on the oil changes that you need. Anytime you’re in need of top quality oil for your vehicle, you can simply stop by our auto shop. 

Whether you live in Oxford, Anniston or you are from another nearby community, keep your vehicle properly lubricated by giving us a visit at Anniston Tires #1. If you want to schedule a service for your vehicle, visit