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Brake Change & Car Maintenance

Would you like to save big on a brake change? If you’re in need of a smooth brake change or repair service near the Talladega, AL vicinity, you can count on us at Anniston Tires #1. We serve Talladega, Jacksonville, Oxford, and all other surrounding areas. Doing your own brake job might not turn out the way you expect. Therefore, if you want to avoid major issues changing your brakes, then you can stop by an auto shop near your location. A mechanic can help you to save on every project that you have for your vehicle. From getting your brakes changed, getting an oil change and other services, a master mechanic will always be around to cater to your needs. By having your brake pads changed, you will be assured that you will get the best possible performance from your brakes. Qualified mechanics charge competitive prices and use quality products to ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Anniston Tires #1 is the top rated source for you when you’re in need of a car maintenance that will be successfully performed. Major accidents and injuries can easily be prevented with proper car maintenance. In order for you to avoid serious accidents on the road, you will need to spend significant time getting your car maintained. When you care for your car, you will have an easier time detecting serious issues and having these problem resolved. A car maintenance is worth the investment and will enhance the reliability and performance of your car.

Whether you live in Talladega, Jacksonville or you are from another nearby community, we’re happy to assist you with your car emergencies at Anniston Tires #1. Give us a call if you want your vehicle inspected or maintained on a regular basis. Learn more about us by visiting

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